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No credit required for all my CU products.
Freebies are allowed if you modify my CU products.
The end result must be different than the original item (except for CU designer papers that can be used as is). Quick pages are allowed.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Personal use only (some quick pages and collabs)

Redju – Terms of use: Personal use only (Quick pages and Collabs)

This product is for your personal use only, which means, only for YOURSELF.

This product IS NOT for digital scrapbooking commercial use, which means, you are NOT allowed to create any type of digital scrapbooking kits using this product.

This product is NOT for small businesses/scrap-for-hire/scrap-for-others.

You MAY:

1. Use the graphics for your own personal scrapbook layouts or altered arts projects, including hybrid.
2. Resize, Re-color, and otherwise change these graphics to suit your personal needs.
3. Submit your layouts using these graphics online, so long as credit is given to Redju.
4. Submit your layouts using these graphics to publications such as magazines and newsletters so long as credit is given to Redju.

You may NOT:

1. Use these graphics for any project or product that will be sold or used to generate income.
2. Use these graphics for web templates, web design, e-mail templates, signatures or any other form of electronic/web based design, or anything mass produced.
3. Change these graphics in some way to then claim them as your own. Do not use my designs to create your own designs (you may NOT use any part of this design as a design tool).
4. Resell or redistribute these graphics in any way, shape or form. - Please direct those interested back to where you obtained the product -
5. Use the graphics for any templates or freebies.
6. Do NOT use this to create anything to promote or signify anything illegal or obscene in nature, nothing pornographic, racist or hate related.

Thank you for respecting my terms.
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